Rustic Sweet Cart

Hire Our Rustic Sweet Cart For Your Wedding Or Event

rustic sweet cart

Our solid wooden rustic sweet candy cart comes fully packed with all crates provided.

We will set up and collect your rustic sweet cart for your wedding or other events.

Why not choose this lovely sweet cart as a truffle cart, we can provide you with all the truffles you need, indulge your guests with our handmade truffles!

We have eight varieties of luxurious handmade truffles to choose from : Ameretto Truffles, Baileys Truffles, Cappuccino Truffles, Orange Truffles, Rum Truffles, Gin & Lemon Truffles, Framboise Truffles, Marc De Champagne Truffles.

We also have a selection for your smaller guests : 10 Milk /White Chocolate children’s Lollies Children’s novelty animal shaped Chocolates

Need something different for your evening guests? then why not have our rustic cart filled with many different cheeses for them to snack on throughout the night.

Come and visit us at our showroom in Essex where our rustic cart is all set up along with all our other wedding and event accessories.

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