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Our terms and conditions will be attached to your invoice that needs to be printed signed and dated, scanned and emailed back to us [email protected] or sent to us by post at 5 Buchanan Units, Stephenson Rd, Clacton CO15 4XA

By booking and paying a deposit to Embellish Events you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of hire.

The ‘Company’ is Embellish Events. The ‘Hirer’ is any person or company who hires or has agreed to hire Goods from the Company. ‘Goods or equipment’ means goods provided by the Company in accordance with the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions of hire.
Acceptance of Conditions
The customer’s acceptance of goods on hire implies acceptance by signing and agreeing to our Conditions of Hire as given below.
Retention of Goods
Hired goods remain the property of Embellish Events at all times. The Hirer can not undertake to sell, offer to sell, sub hire, lend the products unless agreed otherwise with Embellish Events.
A £50.00 non-refundable damage deposit is required to secure your booking with us of which will be refunded on return of goods supplied in the same condition as originally hired. The deposit of £50.00 will be paid using the payment link provided on invoice. In the event of the hirer cancelling their booking the £50.00 deposit is not refundable and non transferable under any circumstances. We must receive a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions Prior to hire of goods.
Day of Setup
On the day of setup, we will require all linen on the tables ready for us to dress the tables. If you are using the same function room for both your ceremony and reception, you will need to arrange with the venue setup of the table items after the ceremony. We are unable to wait until the ceremony is finished to dress the tables unless pre-arranged with us. It is your responsibility to check that all Items have been provided and to notify us immediately of any discrepancies. We are unable to un-stack or arrange chairs at your venue. This is something you will need to arrange with the venue prior to our arrival. It’s the Hirer’s responsibility to instruct the venue of our terms & conditions. If the venue is at fault for not complying with our terms & conditions, the Hirer will be charged. It is then the Hirer’s responsibility to reclaim costs from the venue. If more covers/sashes/linen are used on the day than have been paid for, then the hirer will be liable.
Hire of Goods
Embellish Events reserve the right to amend delivery date or substitute items in the event of circumstances out of their control. As much as we try to eliminate marks and small stains from all linen, there maybe times where there may be small marks, we do bring spare linen with us so will try to rectify any obvious marks. Being a hire product along with all our other hired items, there may have slight scratches and marks, none of these items are new so will have a slight wear and tear. In the highly unlikely event that Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond our control (illness,death, weather,etc) Where we are unable to complete your order you will be refunded in full; however, no other compensation will be given. Embellish Events can not be held responsible for any accident or injury which occurs while hiring our goods, how so ever caused. On collection of goods the venue must remove all chair covers & sashes from chairs. The Hirer must liaise with the venue that all ordered chair covers will be suitable for the chairs used at their venue and That the venue do not intend to change the style of chair before the date of Hirer’s event. We can not be held responsible for covers not fitting. The Hirer must check with venue that Large hired goods will be suitable for the venue before the date of Hirer’s event and that items that require a plug are set up near an electric supply we will supply Pat Testing certification. We can not be held responsible for items that do not fit or that are not allowed.
Cover Loss or Damage of Hired Equipment
We strongly advise you taking out wedding insurance for such instance.
The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage which occurs from the time of delivery until the goods are returned to our premises. ‘Loss’ means any item not returned to us following the hire. ‘Damage’ means, for example, burns, tears, rips, candle wax marks, chewing gum,stains which are impossible to remove, Dents, cracks, scratches (excluding fair wear and tear). The Hirer must not undertake washing,tumble drying or ironing, cleaning, tampering, unscrewing or dismantling any of our property under any circumstances. A fee for each damaged/lost items are available on request, This will be deducted from your deposit and for any outstanding amount an invoice will be issued and will be payable within 30 days. Excessively dirty/soiled Linen will incur a surcharge of £15.00 per item. If the Hirer is able to return any missing items for which they have been charged, they will be refund.
Hired Decorations
When hiring crystals , Ostrich feathers and led lights, we do stress not to allow your guests to remove any of the items from the display. All of the items on the displays are counted when dressing and recounted on return of hired goods. Missing items will be taken from your deposit.
Courier Collection and DIY Hire
We only courier parcel using Parcel Force. It is the Hirers responsibility to be available to sign for goods and also be available for courier collection on the agreed date. Failed Collection due to not being available will be rescheduled and the Hirer will be invoiced for extra delivery charges and hire charges. It is out of our control should the courier company fail to deliver /collect and we will do our up-most to resolve any problems, no additional charges will be incurred if the courier fails to collect/deliver at the agreed times, neither will any refunds be liable. If covers & sashes fail to be return to Embellish Events, an invoice will be sent to the Hirer for costs of replacing items at retail price including labour and delivery costs.
Hire Charges – Period of Hire
The hire charge for the products commences from the time that we dress the venue/deliver, and continues until the equipment is collected. Hired goods must be ready for collection at the agreed location on the appointed date. If items are supplied on a hire basis it is the hires responsibility to ensure the venue knows the return process of goods being collected from venue. The hirer must pack hired items securely and returned in the boxes supplied, all linen must be dry and folded and all sashes must be un-tied, failure to not following these instructions the hirer will be charged a minimum fee of 30p per item.
The full balance is due 4 weeks prior to your event date and an invoice will be sent 6-8 weeks in advance. Once the invoice has been paid we cannot issue refunds on any items that are no longer required but can exchange items subject to stock availability.

Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit or 50% 6 months prior to event and full amount 4 weeks prior to the event. Cancellation must be made in writing or by email to [email protected] we will reply to you sending a confirmation of cancellation, so if you don’t hear from us we haven’t received your cancellation.
Changes to an order
Final changes to your order up to the point of 6 weeks in advance of the event. Changes to an order may change the quote you originally obtained. Items can be added on as long as they are in stock at any point. full payment must be made 4 week prior to your event and no later. If not received by then your booking will be regarded as invalid. It’s the hirer’s responsibility to check the final confirmation is correct.
Embellish Events reserve the right to use any photographs of their property that they have taken during the hire period for promotional purposes, unless otherwise advised by the Hirer.

I agree with all the above Terms & Conditions.

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